Sunday, February 08, 2009


instead of playing with the kids, or actually doing something fun on Friday- when they had no school,
and instead of actually finishing the girls Easter dresses that are almost done,
I traced the patterns, cut out the fabric, and sewed two new dresses for the girls.
all on Friday.
and they wore them today to church. we call them their Cinderella dresses- before the fairy godmother came and turned her all fancy-
mostly because of the attached aprons.
I think they are pretty cute.
the girls-
and the dresses!


Kayli said...

Oh goodness--love them love them love them love them love them love them LOVE them!!!!

They are ADORABLE dresses--I love the fabric and the aprons and they are just sooooo cute!

And your girls are soooo soooo pretty. So pretty. That picture is just LOVELY.

Way to go! That is amazing you got them done in one day!

Lynn said...

Okay....what CAN'T you do, Kristi??? Anything? Come on. Please just name ONE thing! LOL!

VERY Cute!!!

Shelley said...

They are super cute. I do love your choice of fabric. I forgot you bought all that!! Cute picture (and girls) too!

Marcia said...

They are both very adorable.

Andrea said...

cute. can't wait for hand me downs.