Friday, February 20, 2009


this is why I love helping out with hot lunch:food for later!
oh, and that cute little guy who came by when we were cleaning up, with pizza sauce all over his cheeks, and said thanks, and that it was a really good hot lunch. He made me chuckle!
and- the baby was born yesterday, so Maggie and I, and my sister Shelley headed over to go see the little guy. super cute. almost makes me want another. but then I look at the big troublesome things these sweet little babies grow up to be. then I am done. I will just hold him whenever I get the chance!


Lynn said...

Awwww, Look at that sweet adorable dimpled smile on Maggie's face. Are you SURE you don't want another? Jks. : D

kaylani said...

Who had a baby? Anyone I know?

Andrea said...

I'll be over soon for the pizza and donuts. yum.