Monday, February 09, 2009

late nights, blabber mouths

this weekend was one of late nights.
Friday night, thanks to Cory's sister, Cory and the boys headed out to the West Edmonton Mall's water park. (thanks Shari) - she had some passes that needed to be used, so we were more than willing to help her out with that! then the guys decided that Ben's birthday wasn't really celebrated the way it should have been, so they had some dinner on Burbon street. good times. and a very late night.
then, Saturday- I got to spend the day at a seminary conference- getting spiritually fed, and getting some great ideas, and pumped up for the rest of the year.
and in the evening, the bigger kids and Cory got to go skiing. It was Sadie's first time- I think Jed has gone before, and Ben and Jack haven't been for a long time.
it was a hit, and they will probably be heading there again this weekend! Poor Maggie was stuck being home with me. much to her dismay. I will have to think of something really fun to do with her if this is going to happen again next weekend!
then this morning.
6:00 seminary. I am ready-
because I am pumped, and full of great ideas.
If those kids came away from that class this morning even knowing what book in the Bible I was trying to teach them about, I would be impressed.
A whole lot of yacking going on!
crazy kids.
who talks that much at 6 in the morning?
not me. that's for sure!
maybe tomorrow I can get a few words in!

eta: that black thing Jed is on is a "magic carpet"- you just have to stand on it, and it takes you up the hill- like an escalator.
boy, I wish they had those back when I was learing to ski. I would have avoided some embarassing encounters with the toll rope. yikes.


Andrea said...

You should take Maggie skiing too. Fun.
What fun. Good thing some of your relatives aren't flakes eh?

Lynn said...

I've never skied before. What is that black thing he is skiing on??

Joanne said...

I want to play too! or just come and scrapbook and eat yummies and gab with you!

Shelley said...

Maybe it would have been less embarrassing if you called it the TOW rope instead of a toll rope. Ha ha ha ha ha! I agree though. I could never hold it tight enough for it to pull me up. But that magic carpet thing looks a little scary- especially if you have to jump off... unless it just places you at the top of the hill. Perhaps I need to go skiing too!
And yes, take Maggie. She would probably be the best skiier of the bunch.