Saturday, February 21, 2009


My sister Shelley did this on her blog- so I thought I would try it. funny stuff. you type your name and needs into a search engine- eg. Kristi needs and see what comes up. Write the first 10.

1. Kristi needs to know exactly what time she is going to be doing something... (not really, I am pretty flexible)
2.Kristy needs to turn up the AC because her hotness is about to burn the place down. (well, my name is not spelt correctly, but the rest is spot on. hahahaha)
3.Kristi needs your support. (well yes, yes she does)
4.Kristy needs help. ( again with the name, but help is always nice)
5.Kristi needs a better script writer. (sure, why not?)
6.Kristi needs to go to Home Depot and buy a filter for the exhaust fan over her stove—there is serious grease buildup there. ...(oh my gosh! I actually do! and a Home Depot just opened up out here. I guess I should go!)
7.Kristi needs this type of concrete feedback to grasp her own progress. (umm, okay. )
8.Kristi needs to be patient. (of course she does)
9.Kristi needs to take a back seat this time.( alright, alright.)
10. Kristi needs a huge shout out. ( yah, she sure does)

okay, that was pretty funny. thanks Shelley for the idea!


Kayli said...

Ha HA HA! That was way funny! Love number 2.

And what the heck?! I LOVE that new blog header! It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! Is that just recent? Tell me all about it!

kaylani said...

Too funny! I'm may have to try it...

Andrea said...

I'll be sure to dress warm so we can turn on the AC tomorrow. lol.

Lynn said...

LOL! That is hilarious!